• Care and companionship

    With superb nursing care and the companionship of fellow residents, Cedar Manor offers a warm, loving and lively environment. Visit our Activities page for pics!

  • Modern comfort, old style

    Cedar Manor offers everything a retirement home should have: modern living with classic style and yesteryear's values.

  • Relax Outdoors

    A covered seating area allows our residents to sit outside and enjoy some fresh air.

  • Safe and secure

    Sleep sound, knowing that you're secure within our walls.


Affordable Care

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Dementia SA

We are proud to be associated with DementiaSA. Read more.

Cedar Manor Advanced Care Centre, for midcare, assisted living and high care.

Situated in the tree-lined Cedar Avenue in Plantation, Boksburg, Cedar Advanced Care Centre offers a new kind of care for the elderly. We believe in allowing our residents as much freedom and independence as they desire, while still keeping a close eye on their health and well-being.

We know that growing older is tough - and some really difficult decisions need to be made about things like housing, medical care and how to maintain your dignity and autonomy.

Cedar Manor makes those decisions just a little simpler, by offering the following levels of care:

Midcare/Assisted Living

Generally in their late 70s or early 80s, midcare residents have been living alone but are, for whatever reason, no longer able to do so. Our professional nursing staff will monitor health and ensure that any medications are taken as and when required. Cleaning, laundry, meals, social activities and outings are arranged by Cedar Manor, so that you don't need to worry about a thing! Where necessary we'll assist with washing, grooming, dressing etc.

Alternative High Care

Some of our residents require a much higher level of nursing care. Sometimes less mobile, or not mobile at all, due to Altzheimer's, dementia, emphysema, stroke, cancer, Parkinson's or myriad other illnesses, our Alternative High Care residents enjoy being able to interact with other residents despite their condition.

If your loved one deserves more medical care, attention and companionship than you are able to provide at home, you may rest assured that it will be provided at Cedar Manor Retirement Lodge.